UTV Excursions

With our fleet of brand new 2023 Polaris RZRs we are looking forward to being able to offer more adventures than ever before! Cruise in comfort and style as the 7″ GPS display guides you along your route. We are constantly working on expanding our routes and offering a variety of different terrain to explore. Come ride with us and ascend to viewpoints above 9,000 feet, weave through canyons, and explore the vast Sierra Nevadas.  Bring your friends, family, and everyone in between as there’s no shortage of possibilities with Full Access Tahoe.

2-Hour Rental at Genoa Peak in Lake Tahoe



3-Hour Rental at Genoa Peak in Lake Tahoe



4-Hour Rental at Genoa Peak in Lake Tahoe



Guided Tours at Mt. Siegel in Gardnerville



1 Hour Professional Ride-Along

One to three passengers will hop in with one of our professional drivers as they rally around and show you what these machines can really do!


Private Guided Mt. Siegel Summit Loop

There will be one guide per group as you follow them along the curated path. This trail starts out at 5,500 feet and climbs all the way up to 9,400 feet at the summit of Mt. Siegel with amazing views of the Carson and Smith Valleys.


Scenic Loops at Mt. Siegel in Gardnerville



2-Hour and 3-Hour Scenic Loops

These loops will be slightly shorter than their 2 and 3 hour counterparts. We have encountered a number of guests that prefer to take their time and make multiple stops along the curated routes. Both of these options will accommodate this preference as we set up specific viewpoints along the routes.


Driving Loops at Mt. Siegel in Gardnerville



2, 3, and 4-Hour Continuous Driving Loops

These loops are intended for those that prefer to be driving the entirety of their rental time. This doesn’t mean that the ride won’t be scenic, but the mileage will be curtailed towards a consistent driving speed. Along the route will still be a couple viewpoints to also allow for the switching of drivers. 



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